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About DentalCast Productions

DentalCast Productions is a digital media company totally dedicated to the people of Dentistry. We specialize in amplifying the stories of the people in Dentistry by connecting them with an audience of dental professionals that are curious to learn and grow. 

Producing a wide range of unique, creative, and captivating content, DentalCast Productions provides the platform by which everybody who is involved in Dentistry can share anything from their products, services, CE Courses and events as well as share the success stories that have helped them along their journey.

As the Dental industry continues to grow and expand, DentalCast Productions is committed to the voice of ALL dental professionals and an audience that wants to go deeper.  

Meet the Host

John Stamper, Founder of DentalCast Productions and Host of The Digital Tradeshow & Digital Classroom Podcasts has spent the last 15 years working in the Dental industry. His vast experience has provided him a true,  “360 degree” perspective of every aspect of the profession.

His first stop along the journey was at Brasseler USA, a leading Dental Instrument Company. He worked as a Sales Specialist, Regional Manager & Operations Executive. During his time there, he worked with 1000’s of Dental practices across the country as well with some of the industries top key opinion leaders.

His second stop took him to the “other side of the dental practice counter”, Mortenson Dental Partners, the nation’s largest employee owed Dental Service Organization. John worked as both a consultant for the organization as well as an Operations Manager. While at Mortenson, he spent time with over 80 dental practices throughout the country coaching their teams on areas such as practice growth, team development and operational efficiency.

From there, John ventured out on his own to start and Co-Found, The Dental Exchange, a web platform with tools & resources designed specifically for Dental Professionals. The Dental Exchange’s flagship product, The CE Tool is an online tracking tool that licensed Dental Professionals & State Dental Boards can use to track and monitor continuing education. 

The Dental Exchange has now grown and evolved into CE Exchange Dental, a Continuing Education Ecosystem/ Platform that supports Dental Professionals with every aspect of the Continuing Education process. 

His most recent stop has landed him in the Media/Production space. As a way to culminate his 15 years of experiences, he recently started 2 dental audio podcasts, The Digital Tradeshow & The Digital Classroom. During this time, he also launched 2 video podcasts, I’ve Got 10 & Monday Morning which can be seen weekly on his DentalCast Productions social media channels. 

To date, John has recorded over 200 audio and video episodes as well as taken the podcasts to live dental events across the country.


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