DentalCast Testimonials

“Incredible technology and team that produces high, studio-quality videos. John has an incredible knack for interviewing his guests.”

Amol Nirgudkar
CEO, Patient Prism

“John has a really good pulse on the industry and always extracts great insights from his guests. I felt like we put together some really valuable content for dentists.” 

Reese Harper CFP
CEO, Dentist Advisors

“Recording on the podcast with John was one of the easiest interviews that I have ever done! He is a great conversationalist, and has a lot of great questions to keep the two-way communication flowing seamlessly. He is always top-notch, super professional, and he is honestly one of the nicest guys I know, which makes working with him such a breeze!” 

Laura Hatch BS, MS, FAADOM
Front Office Rocks

“What an amazing experience! John really knew his material, and the podcast flowed so easily. The final result was a podcast to be proud of and I wanted to post the clip on my website! I would love to do another podcast with John anytime.” 

Susan Wingrove, RDH, BS
Founder, Wingrove Dynamics

“John brought the Switcher app functionality, as well as his Facebook Live and podcasting expertise to the JUMPSTART2019 Dental Meetings Professionals Conference. John was a true partner in ensuring that the broadcasting was top notch and represented our conference very well. John had many great ideas that, when incorporated, elevated the exposure and stature of our meeting in the industry.

Working with John is a top-notch experience every time, and the podcast experience was a lot of fun! John keeps the topic rolling and the listeners’ interest piqued. He is quickly becoming the go-to podcast expert in Dentistry. Thank you, John, for sharing your talents and your enthusiasm and for helping to make JUMPSTART2019 wildly successful!”

Vanessa Emerson
Founder, Dental Speaker Institute & Dental Speakers Bureau

“John Stamper has a truly unique voice in the dental space. His collaborative experience and vast knowledge make him an incredibly vibrant and conversational podcast host. What I appreciated most about working with John is his approach to highlighting aspects about my experience, education and brand. He has a true gift for bringing out the best in people, and I am honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him on unique podcast episodes. Thank you, John, for your insight, your brilliance and your expertise. Cheers!”

Katrina M Sanders RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF
Founder, The Dental WINEgenist

“The podcast experience with John was super easy and a lot of fun!”

Patrick Bernardi
Chief Marketing Officer, Hu-Friedy

“John is a wonderful host. He does a wonderful job of getting to the heart of the subject. Would do a 100 more podcasts with him!”

Mary Fisher-Day
Founder, The Dental Business

“John is a professional through and through. One of those people who you know is always going to make you sound good when you work with him.”

Rita Zamora
Founder, Rita Zamora Connections

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