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DentalCast Productions is committed to the People of Dentistry and broadcasting their Stories, and, for the last several years, we’ve been working with Dental State and National Associations, Dental companies, and Dental Organizations to help highlight and showcase their unique missions and values. As part of our mission, we are now expanding into the broader world of on-location production for dental practices to help you broaden your reach, and create individual, specialized media that connects with your patients.

As an extension to our current services, we are excited to offer 3 different packages that provide the opportunity for cost-effective, practice-based media content: Our Single, Subscription, and Enterprise Packages.

Single Package

Our Single Package involves our video & photography team coming out to  your practice for the day, and capturing the content for 12 videos – a quarter’s worth of weekly social posts. Accompanying the videos, our photographer will capture 30+ stunning practice photos to augment your website or social pages. As a value-added piece, while on-site, our team will direct and film an optional live-stream interview with you, to teach you the process and methods of successful live engagement with your audience. The total cost is $5000.

Subscription Package

Our Subscription Package involves the team coming out 3 times annually, and capturing the content for 50 videos and 120+ photos – a year’s worth of weekly social posts. This will also give you the opportunity for 3 optional live-stream interviews if desired. This package is the most cost-effective way for a dental practice to receive professionally-produced, creative, and effective content for an entire year. The cost for this package is typically $1449/month or $13,900 annually but we’re offering it initially for just $849/month or $8200 annually

Enterprise Package

Our Enterprise Package is targeted towards enterprises or groups with 5+ dental practices. It can involve single or multiple visits annually, with us capturing photographic and video content that can be individual to the practice, consistent with broader organizational branding, or a mix of both. This will also give us the opportunity for optional live-stream interviews with local practice runners, organizational leadership, or a combination of both. This package is the most efficient way for an enterprise or group to get great, cohesive content that can highlight current or future projects, services, products, or initiatives. This package is unique in each so the cost is fully customizable to reflect the scope and commitment of the collaboration.

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