#24-Lin Irwin RDH-Thermostat or Thermometer

Smiles at Sea-Dentistry’s Got Talent Event Dental CE Presenter

#24-Lin Irwin RDH-Thermostat or Thermometer
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Lin Irwin RDH just presented at the Smiles at Sea-Dentistry’s Got Talent Event in Miami, FL

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This is my interview with Lin before she presented on October 26th, 2017.

Lin is new to the speaker circuit but has a great story to tell as a practicing Hygienist from Pensacola, FL.

During her presentation on, “Are you a Thermometer or a Thermostat, she focused on addressing  the impact of active and non-verbal communication.  Being aware of tone and body language can create more effective communication and positively influence change.  Effective communication leads to compassion, and compassion opens people up to change.  This is important in workplace relationships and relationships with patients.  Practicing compassionate communication will overflow into our personal relationships, creating life satisfaction.  


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