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DentalCast Interview with Amanda Hill of Dental Post at ADHA 2019

DentalCast Productions is excited to bring vendors a new way to get even more value out of their attendance at meetings! While at events, DentalCast will be interviewing companies and organizations, hearing your stories, and then broadcasting that live to the meeting and our Facebook page.

As an extension to this service, we are excited to offer two packages that push and boost the interview content even further: Our Standard and Premium Packages.

Standard Package

The Standard Package includes the 10-15 minute live-streamed interview (which we will discuss beforehand and target specific projects, services, or initiatives), a full high-definition video of the whole interview (the first Patient Prism Video below), and an accompanying high-definition, 1-2 minute promotional video of your interview for distribution on social media or on your website (the second Cordeze video below). The cost for the Standard Package is $500.

Premium Package

The Premium Package includes all of the features of the Standard package, but also includes 2 additional captioned promo videos to really supercharge your social media presence. The first Patient Prism video (below) showcases how we take a clip from the full interview for promotional purposes, and the second AscentCare video (below) shows how we can highlight a particular service in the promo. We also include the option to organize an interview before the meeting to raise awareness around your attendance or a particular service or product that you will be offering at the meeting. The cost for the Premium Package is $750.

For more information, please contact Hilary Stamper our communications director at

DentalCast Interview with Wendy Walker & Ashley Sherrick from Chewsi at CSDA 2019

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