DentalCast Productions is a unique, Dental-focused production company that offers a range of services with a degree of flexibility, scalability and excellence that is unparalleled in Dentistry. We believe in the stories of Dentistry and that they need to be told to as large an audience as possible, which is why we think what we and you do matters.

With a proven track record, and support from a number of trusted companies and entities (such as the ADHA, the Hinman Dental Society, Front Office Rocks, and many more), we create story-focused media that is tailored towards and around those we are working with – helping to bring your brand, company and/or event to the forefront and allow you to distinguish yourselves in a crowded marketplace.

Our work encompasses a multitude of different styles, going from single person interviews to full course recording to event coverage with ease and professionalism. Our results have shown the impact of the work we do, with hundreds of guests, multiple of live event appearances, and tens of thousands of likes and listens by audiences across an array of platforms.

Over the course of an Event, we can offer video and audio content such as:

-Coverage of live courses, events and promotions (such as demonstrations or contests), staff or visitor testimonials, and/or profiles of the Live Event broadcast as Live-Streams, High-Resolution Video or High-Definition Audio Recording.

-Live-Streams broadcast to a variety of social networks (for example, a simultaneous stream on both the DentalCast page and your event page).

-A library of interviews with various stakeholders, such as notable guests, company representatives, and event staff. These interviews can be broadcast live, and then delivered in high resolution video after the event.

-Promotion of products, courses and/or services that are being offered by your event or a corporate partner/s.

To see the full scope of our work, content, and mission, please visit our Live Events & Podcasts pages.


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