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DentalCast Productions is a digital media company totally dedicated to the people of Dentistry. We specialize in amplifying the stories of the people in Dentistry by connecting them with an audience of dental professionals that are curious to learn and grow.


Producing a wide range of unique, creative, and captivating content, DentalCast Productions provides the platform by which everybody who is involved in Dentistry can share anything from their products, services, CE Courses and events – as well as share the success stories that have helped them along their journey.



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#115-Joe Fogg-Founder & CEO/onDiem

onDiem’s mission is to transform the way dental offices operate, empowering both practices and professionals to find the work that works for them.

Their on-demand staffing platform is changing the dental industry, connecting professionals with daily shifts at local dental practices – fast, easy and all at your fingertips.

onDiem is the smarter way to staff your business and the better way to find work.

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#68-Barbara Stackhouse RDH, M.Ed-“Profit First for Dentists” CE Course

For the last 14 years, Barb Stackhouse has helped over 400 dentists add thousands in revenue to their practice every month and boost profits by 5-10%. She’s an expert at cutting back expenses and increasing profit margins without compromising patient care.

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John Stamper, Host of The Digital Tradeshow, Digital Classroom, I’ve Got 10 & Monday Morning Podcasts has spent the last 15 years working in the Dental industry. His vast experience has provided him a true, “360 degree” perspective of every aspect of the profession and is passionate about sharing that knowledge with others.


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